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The Tyler Seguin/ Zdeno Chara saga: as told through quotes and photos

first: Seguin is scratched on 12/6/11 against Winnipeg for sleeping in and when he returns he is in a slump. Chara takes the time to talk to Seguin one on one hoping to help him out. Afterwards Seguin says

“I don’t know if he realizes it, but I could see it on his face when he was talking to me that he really cares about me.”

next: Chara makes Seguin wait until the second to last round before he picks him for the all star game during the Team Chara vs Alfredsson draft on 1/26/12. Chara then says

"You wanna hug it out"

This quote Seguin said last month is so relevant:

&#8220;I dont know if he realizes it, but I could see it on his face when he was talking to me that he really cares about me.&#8221; - Tyler Seguin, about Zdeno Chara

afterwards: Seguin says

"I needed a hug at that point. Plus he’s a big teddy bear, so I jumped right on that"

the next installment: Bruins vs. Islanders game on 3/3/12. Chara feeds Seguin for a beautiful goal. Followed by probably the most emotional hug all season.

most recent: On 3/24/12 the day of Chara’s 1000th game Seguin talks about how Chara continues to helps him out

"He’s helped me a lot, just little things. I don’t know how he’s noticed some times, but if I’ve had a couple of off games, maybe some thing’s wrong away from the rink he’s just the guy to lean on your shoulder and say, ‘Hey what’s up, what’s going on? How’s your family? Can I say hi to your mom and your sisters after the game tonight?’.
Just little things like that make him a good guy, a true leader.”

- So there you have it. Seguin and Chara’s papa bear/ baby bear relationship is in full swing.

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    can i say hi to your mom and your sisters after the game. I CANT.
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